Commercial Foam Roofing

Does your commercial building in demand of a state-of-the-art and more efficient roofing system? For a practical yet quick install, check out our polyurethane foam roof systems, that gives:

  • Covered With an Elastomeric Top-coat for a Flexible Finish
  • Blending of Isocyanate With Polyol
  • Seamless Composition 
  • Easy Installation; Sprays as a liquid

Designed mainly for commercial roofing systems, this fabrication provides outstanding leak defense because of it’s seamless, and high UV protection because of the unusual gloss. If you require an expert foam roof install, give us a call @ 469-340-0838 to schedule a free evaluation with JBN Commercial Roofing! Business owners not happy with their customary commercial roof may now consider a different and awe-inspiring choice.

Commercial Foam Roofing

Why Select A Foam Roofing System?

Several layers of roof elements attached with adhesive seams allow standard roofing system’s to deflect water. The seams can depreciate as these roofing systems age, however, until they consequently will enable the entryway of water. With spray foam roofing, age and water have absolutely nothing to damage thanks to a complete a total of joints. Preservation extends throughout the roofing system, as spray foam roofing also blocks flashing. There are additional reasons that commercial business owners should pick commercial foam roofing.

  • Flexible: Roofing systems generally contract and expand because of the temperature levels outdoor; due to the fact this material is extremely versatile, it can stand up to damages triggered by contraction and expansion
  • Long-Lasting: Industrial foam roof systems can last everywhere from 15 to 20 years.
  • Water-proof: Foam commercial roof systems can withstand water infiltration, which makes it an excellent roof; it is essential to keep in mind that kind of roofing requires a top layer to safeguard it.
  • Versatile: regards to versatility, commercial foam roofing raises the bar. They can be applied to a vast array of roofing systems and can be used on new roofing’s or for roofing replacements.
  • Light-weight: Unlike the majority of commercial roofing systems, foam roofing is extremely light-weight and does not add additional weight to current roofing.

Foam roofing systems liquefied application makes installation easy. The foam spray will attach easily to almost practically every surface area, and our roofers have the freedom to operate around obstacles such as AC units and vents efficiently. Following an diligence from skillful contractors, the foam will endure couple decades or more with limited to no maintenance needed. If you want spray foam roofing for your building, call JBN Commercial Roofing today! We can install this kind of commercial roof system on your existing roof! Call us at 469-340-0838 to get more information!

Commercial Foam Roofing Repair

Industrial foam roofing is a powerful, resilient, and versatile commercial roof system, which makes it excellent for any commercial roofing. While foam roofing is extremely long-lasting, it can nevertheless have its fair share of problems. Factors like hydro ponding, the first layer lifting up, or the foam not being appropriately installed around roofing accessories can be significant concerns. These are things we don’t want to occur, but they could if spray foam roofing is not correctly taken care of, or it has reached a certain age. Listed below are a few of the typical issues take place to commercial foam roofing.

Direct exposure

The leading layer of the foam roofing has actually deteriorated and the spray foam is exposed to outside components and UV rays.


When blistering or bubbles appear on the leading layer of roofing, another cause for wetness to destroy foam roofing.


When the roofing system wasn’t cleaned up or it was damp when the foam was used, a roof that had foam roofing used can see indications of the foam separating.

Cost-effective Commercial Foam Roofing Services!

For a cost-effective and powerful alternative that can be fitted immediately, foam roofing systems are very recommended. This roofing element gives comprehensive benefits that save money immediately and over its longevity, including excellent energy effectiveness. Foam roofs bounce destructive UV rays from the sun, which lowers your building’s internal temperature, lowering the need for excessive AC usage. 

Inexpensive is always a main concern when financing in commercial roofing systems. Foam roofing systems can conserve approximately 30% on energy bills, a number that is intriguing to clients. To discuss foam roofs, its benefits, and how quickly it can be installed on your commercial property, call JBN Commercial Roofing at 469-340-0838.

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