Cool Roofing Systems

New Life for an Old Roof

The Cool Roofing System can lower your roof temperature by 40% during the hottest seasons. This decreases the heat that is transferred inside your building, and therefore reduces the need for interior cooling systems.

Conklin Cool Roofing Systems are highly energy efficient, and they also improve roof durability in the long-term. They are a sustainable roofing system that reduces the amount of landfill waste by re-coating the existing roof, instead of tearing down and building a brand new structure. These systems reduce air conditioning bills, lower air temperature surrounding the air conditioning unit, and help lower the heat island effect.

Cool Roofing Systems Proven Performance

Conklin was one of the leading corporations to produce white acrylic roof coating systems in the 1970s and continues to create some of the most innovative and sustainable cool roof coatings in the industry. With over two billion square feet of roofing implemented and thousands of satisfied customers, Conklin has changed the face of the roofing industry. Our trained Conklin Contractors use your roof with skill and precision to protect your building for decades.

Lowers Energy Costs

Highly reflective cool roofing systems are having their day in the sun. During the hottest weather, researches have shown that they reduce roof temperatures by up to 40% and lower the amount of heat transferred into a building’s inside. That assists in reduce energy needs for cooling, and using less energy not only saves money it also reduces the amount of pollutants discharged into the environment. Conklin Roofing Systems meet the very most crucial criteria for energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR-Rated Protection

Conklin Company is proud to be a partner of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program; our white roof systems meet the EPA’s stringent guidelines for energy efficiency, and help to protect the environment in a number of ways:

  • Decrease the energy required to cool the building, resulting in less air pollution
  • Reduce the amount of roofing materials discarded into landfills with exceptional sustainability
  • Lessen summertime heat island effects in city environments, slowing down the formation of smog


Cool Conklin’s highly-reflective roof systems have been providing quality solutions to the roofing market since 1977.